About us

About boheme

Boheme Europe AS was established in 1983 by mr. Kjell Karlsen in Norway. It was a family business. Head office is located in Trondheim, Norway. Since the beginning we have made creative high quality ladies garments. We have used this long experience to establish 2 own brands :BOHEME and Boheme URBAN.

The european market is handled by our daughter company in Denmark - Boheme Europe DK Aps.

Main markets are Norway, Denmark , Sweden, Finland and Germay. Other countries include France - U.S. - U.K. - Ireland – Iceland.

Our brands:

Boheme is something else…..
It is a creative bohemian brand with a special look. A brand for a sophisticated lady who trust herself and knows how to wear something unique.
When a lady wears those creative, flowing , soft and easy to wear clothes - she feels like an angel.

This collection has no age. It is the age you feel inside.
The fabrics are of high quality and mostly natural fibers .
Boheme is famous for its garment dyed linen fabrics which has been supplied for nearly 30 years now.

Size range from 36-54.
New Boheme collections comes 4 times per year.

URBAN bohemian fashion is edgy and reflects lifestyle, attitudes and individuality .

Not dictated by mainstream fashion, but inspired by the movement of the street and the fusion of city culture.

Designs are creative but practical, and more likely to be worn on a day-to-day basis.

The URBAN woman turns ideas into action and can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

Size range from XS to XXL.
2 collections per year.